Using the Desencripta portal, Brazilians can withdraw SmartCash or Bitcoin and get Brazilian reals into their bank account.

To make a transaction, the user can register on the portal, or immediately proceed to the transaction by filling out a form on the main page of the portal.

The user must select crypto – Bitcoin or SmartCash and enter the amount in Brazilian reals. To confirm the transaction, enter the PIX key and email address in the appropriate fields. Then send a SMART to the specified address. After that, within 20 minutes, the user will receive funds to a bank account.

PIX is the system created by the Brazilian Central Bank to bring instant payments to life. By using this payment method, it is possible to transfer funds between accounts in just a few seconds at any time. More information can be found here.

Brazilians can now take advantage of this service and withdraw SMART to instantly get Brazilian reals into their bank account. Without additional conversions or identity verification, which are often required by many platforms in order to receive fiat.


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