Starting with the next wallet release, the SmartCash team is implementing a change that will stop the SmartHive and Hive teams’ block payouts. From the beginning, the team has allocated 24% of the block reward to the SmartHive platform and Hive teams. This will now be changed to focus more attention on other features – SmartRewards and SuperRewards, where users can passively earn rewards while storing coins at an activated address.

SmartRewards and Yield Farming

The updated reward distribution will bring an increased percentage for SmartRewards – this will be changed from 60% to 89 %. So the current distribution will be as follows: mining – 1%, SmartNodes – 10% and SmartRewards – 89%.

At the moment, SmartRewards yearly yield is 13%, after the implementation of this change it is expected to rise to 20-25%, SuperRewards yearly yield will increase from 22 to 25-35% per year. You can check the actual % through the SAPI block explorer, where the data is updated in real time.

High yield and greater decentralization

Any user with more than 1000 SMART at an address can activate SmartRewards in any type of wallet (Coinomi, Edge, Electrum and others).

SuperRewards can be activated if you have 100k or more SMART on a single address. This can also be activated through any type of wallet.

Both types of rewards allow users to passively receive rewards at their address every week. Each user remains in full control of coins and does not depend on third-party services and platforms. To receive rewards, all you need to do is activate your addres. Detailed activation guides can be found here.

The changes in the upcoming client release will boost yearly yields and increase decentralization of coin distribution, making SmartCash staking options even more attractive.


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