July 11, 2021 is a special day for the SmartCash team and the entire community. The 4th anniversary of SmartCash as a cryptocurrency focused on instant everyday payments and known for features like SmartRewards, SmartHive voting platform, sending SMART via email and SMS, etc.

Let’s take a look at some of the important innovations introduced this year (starting at the end of 2020) and once again see how productive this year has been for SmartCash.

At the end of 2020, the SmartCash team released The Dutch style BusyBee.Auction, where any user can place bids and get a chance to complete a task. These tasks belong to different categories: outreach, development, testing, etc. The tasks presented on this platform are directly related to SmartCash and Bitcoin Confidential.

SmartCash team members have created videos on various topics such as “Changelly Pro Review/ How to buy SmartCash” and “Why accepting #SmartCash for your business is a no brainer – Spanish Video” and others. The Coinlance news portal has regularly published articles in Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and English. These articles are created on a regular basis, as are the Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian videos.

SmartCash has given a lot of coverage to merchants who accept payments in SmartCash. Merchants accepting SMART payments in their offline or online stores could get an official mention and of course be added to the SmartCash merchant directory.

Since late 2020 and early 2021, SmartCash has been doing an airdrop campaign called “Skin in the Game”, showing how the Time Locked Payments function works.

The decentralized SAPI explorer, running on top of the SmartNodes network, has been updated and improved. The SAPI Explorer also displays the yearly yields of SmartRewards, SuperRewards and SmartNodes.

SmartCash became available on Kamoney, a popular payment service that allows many options as payment processing, crypto to wires, sim charging, etc. Later, Kamoney also added an instant way of sending SmartCash to Brazilian bank accounts.

On January 27, 2021, the major Horizon 2.0 release became publicly available. The release featured TermRewards and SmarRetire, rewards for long-term SmartCash holders. You can learn more about these types of rewards here. 6213 lines of code were added and 7262 changed in v2.0.2 since the previous 1.3.4 release.

Smartie.shop is back in action with SmartCash and Bitcoin Confidential swag.

For users were prepared and published guides on the activation of all types of rewards in wallets such as Coinomi, Edge, Atomic and others.

In March 2021, SmartCash and Bitcoin Confidential launched a major meme tournament consisting of 12 rounds and a final battle, where users can fight for big prizes. Round 4 of both tournaments is now underway and everyone is invited to participate and win monthly prizes. Follow @SmartCashMemes on Twitter for more info.

TermRewards and SmartRetire: more users lock SMART for long-term holding.

Since the beginning of the year, SmartCash has been working on a BeeHive platform, running on top of the SmartNodes network and including encrypted blockchain chat & easy SmartRewards activation. The first public version was released in April.

The minimum collateral amount for TermRewards and SmartRetire has been reduced to 101k+ SMART, making these features more accessible to all users. Rewards will now also be paid locked (unlocked every quarter) and upfront.

The official SmartCash website got an updated Russian and Spanish translation.

In June, the SmartCash team announced the launch of AssCash, a meme token on the BSC. Check the website for more details and join the giveaway.

The SmartCash Voting Platform has been relaunched. Read more details about the changes.


And this is not the whole list, information about updates, news, videos, articles are regularly shared through the official Twitter account and Discord. Join us so you don’t miss the latest news and updates!

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Website: https://smartcash.cc/

Discord: http://discord.smartcash.cc/

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