In version 2.0.5 of the SmartCash Node Client, which was released on June 15, the minimum amount for activating TermRewards and SmartRetire was reduced.

Previously, the minimum amount for activation was 1 million SMART, now the amount has been reduced to 101k+ SMART on a single address. This change makes TermRewards more accessible to all SmartCash holders.

Both TermRewards and SmartRetire have been a great success since the first release, the amount of locked SMART has quickly exceeded 31 million SMART. Now we expect more users to enjoy these rewards and see increasing demand for SMART.

How do I activate TermRewards?

You need to download the latest version of the Node Client. The wallet is available on the official website and on GitHub.

Check the detailed guides on activation here.

What is the yearly %?

If you activate your address for TermRewards or SmartRetire, you will receive a fixed yearly yield. The rewards are paid on a quarterly basis.

The yearly yield is depending on the locking period:

TermRewards 1 year term – 35%

2 year term – 40%

3 year term – 45%

SmartRetire – 50%

The next snapshot is scheduled for June 30, so if you want to get rewards for the upcoming cycle, you need to activate your address before the snapshot.


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