Announced more than 2 months ago, the big meme tournament for SmartCash and Bitcoin Confidential continues.

During Round 1 and Round 2, users created many memes about $SMART and $BC and the creators of the best ones were rewarded. Now it’s Round 3 for both tournaments. As a reminder, one round = 1 month and winners are selected at the end of each month.


Prizes in each round of the #SmartMemeTournament:

1st place by number of retweets – 50 000 SMART 

2nd place by number of retweets – 35 000 SMART 

3rd place by community voting – 30 000 SMART 

4th place according to SmartCash team choice – 25 000 SMART

*SmartCash coins will be sent to the winners’ addresses using the Time Locked Payments feature and will be locked at the address for 2 years.


Prizes in each round of the #BcMemeTournament:

1st place (most retweets on Twitter) – 350 000 BC

2nd place (by community voting) – 250 000 BC

3rd place ( team choice) – 170 000 BC

When all 12 rounds are completed, participants will be able to fight in the final battle and win amazing prizes. More details about this are given in the articles on our site: “SmartCash announces the Meme Tournament. Take part and win prizes: 500k SMART, 250k SMART and more.” and “Bitcoin Confidential invites everyone to participate in the Meme Tournament, which starts today!

How to participate?

  1. Make a meme about Smart or BC

2. Tweet it using the

#SmartCash, #SmartMemeTournament hashtags for the #SmartMemeTournament


#BitcoinConfidential, #BcMemeTournament for the #BcMemeTournament

3. Follow @btconfidential, @scashofficial and @SmartCashMemes Twitter accounts

The topic of Round 3 of the SmartMemeTournament is “TermRewards and SmartRetire – rewards for long-term SmartCash holders”. More details can be found here: TermRewards and SmartRetire: more users lock SMART for long-term holding, SmartRetire – Rewards for Long-Term SmartCash Holders.

The topic of the 3rd round of BcMemeTournament is up to users’ choice. Participants may create any memes about BC, including comparisons, etc.

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