The SmartCash team is excited to share the latest data on the number of locked coins for both TermRewards and SmartRetire. These are features that have been designed to give long-term holders the ability to lock their coins and get decent rewards in return. SmartCash also has features like SmartRewards and SuperRewards – these features allow users to earn rewards in any type of wallet (Coinomi, Edge, Atomic and others).

Latest data

The total number of locked coins for both TermRewards and SmartRetire is now over 31 million SMART. A total of 25 addresses qualified:

12 addresses locked for 15 years term – SmartRetire (50% yearly yield)

9 addresses locked for 3 years term – TermRewards (45% yearly yield)

4 address is locked for 1 year term – TermRewards (35% yearly yield)

What are TermRewards and SmartRetire?

TermRewards and SmartRetire can be accessed via the SmartCash Node Client, which you can download from the official website. Make sure to use the latest version.

The main requirement to be qualified is an amount of 1 million or more SMART at one address. When you have bought SmartCash coins and have it in your wallet, you just need to go to the “Send” tab and send a special time locked transaction. Guides about activation can be found here.

Users have several options available – lock coins for 1,2, 3 or 15 years. The longer the locking period, the higher the yearly yield. The yearly yield is fixed, and rewards are paid quarterly.

Yearly Yield:

1 Year Term – 35%

2 Year Term – 40%

3 Year Term – 45%

15 Year Term (SmartRetire) – 50%

Received rewards can be transferred to another address or can be activated for other types of rewards, such as SmartRewards.


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