BeeHive Platform is a new development from the SmartCash team where users can manage their SMART coins – send, receive, activate rewards, etc.

What is unique about BeeHive Platform?

BeeHive allows users to easily receive and send SMART, activate SmartRewards and SuperRewards with a click of a button. One of the unique features of BeeHive is the secure chat inside the app, which allows users to exchange messages with specific SmartCash addresses. If you have an address you want to send a message to, all you have to do is send a request to add that address and then you can send the message over the blockchain. Chat functionality is another use case that is now available to all users.

Please note: The chat feature is still experimental and may have some glitches.

If you don’t have SMART yet, you can easily get some by following the Changelly links we added.

This platform works on the SmartNode network and does not require a long synchronization. Just open the app and you’re ready to interact with your crypto.

Reminder: be sure to write down your mnemonic phrase and save the file with the private keys in a safe place!

You can download the BeeHive Desktop from the official website.

Future releases will also add Bitcoin Confidential sister coin to BeeHive Platform bringing the sister coins together under one roof. Also, a mobile wallet version and other exciting features that are already on the roadmap will be available in later releases.

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Bitcoin Confidential Website: