On February 26, the StakeCube team officially announced on Twitter that SmartCash is now available on dashboard and StakeCube exchange.

StakeCube is a platform that was founded in mid-2018. This platform is positioned as “All-in-One Crypto Ecosystem”. Users can take advantage of the various services available to users of this platform: earning interest, shared masternodes, mining, and more.

StakeCube has over 50 000 active users and more than 55 coins available for trading on the exchange. More than 120 markets in total. Originally launched as a PoS Pool, StakeCube platform has significantly expanded its functionality and now has important advantages compared to other exchanges:

Official websitestakecube.net

SmartCash (SMART) is already available for deposits and withdrawals. At the moment, the following trading pairs are available for users: SMART / BTC and SMART / SCC. A new SMART / DOGE pair will also be available in the coming days.

The registration process is very fast and after that you can make a deposit and trade on the exchange. KYC is not mandatory until a certain withdrawal limit (1 BTC). The fee for withdrawing SmartCash from the exchange is 0, which will also be a good advantage for all users. Most cryptocurrencies are available for withdrawal without any fee, which makes this exchange attractive to many.


Useful links:

Website: https://smartcash.cc/

Discord: http://discord.smartcash.cc/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/scashofficial


StakeCube: https://stakecube.net/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/stakecube