The SmartCash team is ready to share another update about the «Skin in the Game» SmartNodes snapshot. We announced this snapshot in December 2020 as a campaign for SmartNode owners.

As part of this campaign, each node with «Enabled» status will receive a 25k SMART airdrop, which will be sent using the TimeLocked Payments feature. If you have 10 SmartNodes, your every node you have with «Enabled» status on the day of the airdrop will receive 25k SMART with a lock period of three years.

The current network snapshot date is set to March 15, 2021. If you want to qualify, please be sure to pay attention to the status of your node. Nodes with «Missing» or «New Start Required» status do not take part.

SmartNode deposit (100k) will not be locked, so your node will operate as usual. Only airdrop coins will be locked for 3 years.

How do I set up a node?

To install a SmartNode, users should do these simple steps:

  1. Install a local computer wallet supporting SmartNode starting, Electrum (no blockchain) or SmartCash Node Client
  2. Purchase and send 100k SMART exactly in one transaction to your address
  3. Rent a VPS server or use a hosting service like Pecunia Platform
  4. Use the script to install node client on the server and read directions as it installs.
  5. Activate your SmartNode through your wallets SmartNode tab!

If you have any questions about setting up a node, please join our Discord Server – #SmartNodes channel.

Also read our article on how to create a SmartNode on Pecunia platform, showing all the details of the process starting from registration on the platform and running from a local wallet.


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