The new Horizon 2.0 release is getting ready to bring a lot of improvements, performance upgrades, and new features that the SmartCash community will be able to try soon! Learn about the most important features of the upcoming release in this article.

The Horizon 2.0 release will add two new features that will work along with the Time Locked Payments feature that was introduced in the 1.3 Phoenix Release. This feature allows the user to send coins to another address with a locking period (1 month, 3 months, etc.), and only after this period the coins will be available for spending.


TermRewards is a new type of rewards that will be added in the new release. Unlike SmartRewards and SuperRewards, the minimum holding (locking) period for rewards will be 1 year. The rewards payments will be paid quarterly and will be available for spending or moving to another address for SmartRewards. Since rewards will come directly from SmartHive, TermRewards will not reduce the percentage of current SmartRewards and SuperRewards. The minimum amount to qualify is 1 million SMART and locking periods are 1, 2 and 3 years. For activation the user will have to send a special transaction within SmartCash Node Client. TermRewards yearly yield will start with 35% for a 1-year holding period and 45% for a 3-years holding period.

How to activate TermRewards (PDF guide)


SmartRetire are rewards for holders who have a long vision for the project and in return will be able to receive the highest reward level. The minimum amount to qualify is 1 million Smart and the locking period will be 15 years. Similar to TermRewards,  SmartRetire deposits are not able to be spent until after the end of the term. The yearly yield of SmartRetire will be about 50%, which is paid out quarterly.

1 million SMART will be the minimum amount in the beginning, in future releases we will introduce lower amounts.

How to activate SmartRetire (PDF guide)

Horizon 2.0: Release Date

The Horizon 2.0 update for SmartCash Node Client will be released in January. When 2.0 Horizon release is out, we will add a link to the latest version of the wallet where you can activate TermRewards and SmartRetire.

SmartCash 2.0.3 Release is Available.


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