In December 2020, the SmartCash team shared on Twitter plans to launch an airdrop campaign for SmartNode owners. All users who have an active SmartNode will automatically take part in the campaign and receive a reward.


The snapshot date is February 15, 2021 and all SmartNodes with “Enabled” status will qualify.

As part of this campaign, each SmartNode owner will receive 25000 SMART with a 3-years locked payment. This reward will be sent using the new TimeLocked Payments feature that the SmartCash team introduced in 2020 in the 1.3 Phoenix release.

How do I set up a node?

To install a SmartNode, users should do these simple steps:

  1. Install a local computer wallet supporting SmartNode starting, Electrum (no blockchain) or SmartCash Node Client
  2. Purchase and send 100k SMART exactly in one transaction to your address
  3. Rent a VPS server or use a hosting service like Pecunia Platform
  4. Use the script to install node client on the server and read directions as it installs.
  5. Activate your SmartNode through your wallets SmartNode tab!

If you have any questions about setting up a node, please join our Discord Server – #SmartNodes channel.

Encouragement for SmartNode holders

This airdrop campaign is designed to reward and encourage all SmartNode holders for supporting the SmartCash network and also to show the new TimeLocked payment feature in an airdrop. We believe this will encourage more users to participate and support the project. In addition to the SmartNode rewards, which on average occur every day, users will also be able to take advantage of new features and not have to worry about the dramatic changes in exchange rates that usually occur after other crypto projects have finished an airdrop.

Stay tuned for more details on Twitter and Discord!


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