SmartCash offers all its holders several ways to get attractive returns. These are the system of rewarding long-term holders and the SmartNodes (MasterNodes) network.

The system of rewarding long-term holders, or SmartRewards aka “staking” allows any user who has from 1000 SMART at one address to earn an attractive rewards. This percentage is much better than the bank can offer if you make a deposit and much safer than other staking systems, where you risk your money and do not have access to your coins for a long time. Sending funds to a third party is quite controversial and you cannot be sure that 10 % per year is worth the risk you take for your money.

The reward system in SmartCash allows you to earn coins on any wallet – desktop or mobile, the only thing the user needs is just to activate the address – in fact, send the full amount at the address to the same address twice. The system will detect this transaction as 1 input = 1 output and if the maximum amount has been sent, this address automatically claims for rewards.

In order to receive rewards, you need to have from 1000 SMART at your address and this is currently less than 5 USD! This is one of the lowest thresholds and any user can easily get started with it. You can also easily buy SmartCash through Changelly right inside Coinomi, Edge or Ellipal mobile wallets.

In addition, if the balance at the address is more than 1 million SMART users can get even higher interest (SuperRewards) – currently about 33% per year. The activation process remains the same.

Example: With 1 million SMART at the address + holding within a year = you will receive 33 % of yearly yield. It’ s 330k SMART or almost 1200 USD at the current exchange rate.

Weekly rewards and compound interest

Addresses that qualify for rewards receive them every week. In 200 blocks after the end of the round (round is a period of about 7 days), addresses will start receiving rewards.

The more time users hold coins, the higher the yearly yield. From the 4th week of holding onwards – you will receive the maximum yearly interest. But if you have spent money from the address, you need to activate the address again and the 4-week period will start again. This means that a 4-week period after spending, you will receive smaller rewards than if you had not made the outgoing transaction.

The final percentage of reward depends on the number of activated addresses and can be higher or lower every week.


No risks, full control over your coins and weekly rewards make the SmartCash rewards system one of the most attractive passive income systems in the crypto segment at the moment. Easy activation in such wallets as Coinomi, Edge, Ellipal or Atomic – one of the most popular multi coins wallets. In addition, the simple activation process allows any user to join and try one of the easiest ways to earn new coins, even easier than creating a masternode or mining.

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Want to know how to activate your address? Take a look at the guides here and don’t forget to check your address activation through a decentralized block explorer.