Last weeks episode of Smart Talk Radio was a sort of news cast for recent SmartCash and BC news with Sylvain Cloutier. We talked about many topics but the main one is the Busy Bee Task Auction, something I consider to be a genius way to outsource and get things done.

Some topics covered include

Changelly Pro integration

Busy Bee Task Auction

Smart Rewards on Ellipal

SmartCash for Ebooks and Detox Course

SAPI Explorer Upgrade and more

The Busy Bee Task Auction is important enough to explain here in writing as well. Like any project, there’s a lot of work to be done especially developmental work. Anyone who’s tried to look for a developer knows it’s hard to find the right one with the specific skills you need.

The Busy Bee Task Auction is a way around that. The developers list tasks that need to be done on the auction, visible for anyone looking at it. If the task resonates with someone, they can apply for it and help further the SmartCash cause while making a little in the process.

This could lead to beautiful working relationships as it might reveal that genius developer without even having to search for them! More likely it will lead to a diverse set of skills coming together to really change and improve the SmartCash ecosystem for the better.

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