This weeks episode of Smart Talk Radio is a bit different from what the listeners might be used to. This is what I hope is the first of many merchant spotlights. It’s not enough to just talk about services which add SmartCash but I think it’s important to start to highlight the real merchants out there accepting the coin to find real ways that you can use it!

As far as I’m concerned the missing element the crypto community as a whole is currently lacking is that personal view of how to actually use it. I’ve had so many people say something along the lines of “Yeah, I’ve heard of crypto. Isn’t that just speculative internet money? I don’t know anyone who actually uses it”.

This podcast was an attempt to bring together two communities who need each other, SmartCash and Homesteading.

Our guest was Catherine Bonadin, founder of the Homestead Guru, which has been a collaborative Homesteading blog for about 5 years now. Recently we added an ebook store and digital course, all can be purchased for SmartCash directly among a few other specific cryptos.

In this episode we discuss:

Life on the Bitcoin Bus and Early Crypto Adoption Days

The Importance of Decentralization in EVERYTHING

Homestead Guru Exclusive Ebooks for SmartCash

Whole Life Detox Course for SmartCash

SmartRewards and more!

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