The SmartCash team and the CoinKit team recently shared the amazing news about SMART integration with CoinKit bot, which can be used within Slack, Twitter, Telegram and Discord. This integration opens up many opportunities to promote content and encourage community users, as well as making it easy to send crypto to anyone in just a couple of seconds. Today we have an interview with the founder of CoinKit, who answers some of the most interesting questions. Thank you for your time, we are happy to be interviewing you, @ChekaZ_!

Please tell us what CoinKit is and its purpose

CoinKit is a product developed by Blockcurators GmbH from Germany. It is a Tipbot/SMM Tool as a service for Slack, Discord, Telegram and Twitter. The purpose is to easily send/receive crypto without the need of signing up/registering an account.

How is Coinkit different from other similar solutions? What makes your product special?

– CoinKit uses the Blockchain technology, that means that all transactions/tips are done on-chain and not just changing numbers within a Database. So each transaction is broadcastet on the network and is public visible on the Blockchain-Explorer.

How many coins are available on your platform?

– Right now we have 16 supported Coins.

– The following coins are supported: tzc, ftc, nxs, tube, pivx, ufo, doge, bnb, qtum, dgb, ark, btc, nim, ltc, xtz, smart

How easy is it for a beginner to start using your bot?

– Usability is the key, thats why we focus on that a lot. CoinKit can be easily used via DMs on each integrated social platform which makes it easy to access it. No signup/register is required, having an account on Slack/Discord/Telegram/Twitter is all you need to get started.






Tell us a few words about SmartCash integration. SmartCash has been added to the platform lately and the #Smart community is already actively using the bot on Twitter, Discord and Telegram.

– Sure, SmartCash is our newest integration which is now available on all social platforms we have. SmartCash is fast and has low transactions fees which makes it perfectly usable as a fast payment coin. The community adopted CoinKit really fast and is exploring its full potential right now. We saw that our “monetized Tweet” function is already used a lot by Smart to leverage their social reach.

Tell us a bit about monetization. What is the best way to benefit from the use of Coinkit and what are the advantages against traditional solutions?

– With the addition to Twitter we invented the function called “monetized tweet” which makes it possible to set up a tweet which rewards user interaction with a short command.

– When a user retweets a monetized tweet, the reward will be instantly sent and added to his CoinKit balance on Twitter. This feature gives the creator of the tweet a wider reach because there is an incentive for the user to retweet.

Giveaway feature is probably one of the most popular among people who are using a CoinKit bot. What are the cool things about it?

– Everyone likes giveaways on Twitter, but how to confirm they are legit? If a giveaway is set up with CoinKit, the funds will be transfered into an escrow, so the creator of the giveaway doesn’t have the control over the funds anymore, this prevents of fraud/deleting giveaways after lots of people retweeted/commented/took part already.

– The giveaway can be drawed by the creator via a DM command and CoinKit will raffle out who won. So the creator can’t decide who is the winner, CoinKit does.

How do you see the use of cryptocurrencies in social networks in the future? Cryptocurrencies like SmartCash have fast and cheap transactions and interaction with users on social platforms becomes extremely easy in this case.

– Cryptocurrencies are primed to be used on social networks to send tips and appreciations to users fast and easily, with traditional money it wouldn’t be possible the way its done with crypto.