As was recently announced, SmartCash (SMART) and Bitcoin Confidential (BC) will soon be added to StackOfStake, staking and masternodes investment platform.

Bitcoin Confidential is already added to the StackOfStake Knowledgebase and shortly will be available for staking. The SmartCash integration will follow.

Today we have an interview with the founder of the StackOfStake platform to share with our readers more information about the platform and how it functions.

Hello! Tell us a few words about when StackOfStake platform was founded and the team behind it

StackOfStake is a staking and masternode investment platform. It was launched back in 2018 by me and my partner Qlee.

We have a strong technical background. Members of our tech team have en experience in architecting and building the software for banks and ATMs.

What are the advantages of your platform over other similar services?

Our main advantages are developed infrastructure and responsive support. You can access the StackOfStake platform via the web application, mobile apps, and even API. Your balance at StackOfStake is always in a range of one click from you. And even if you have any questions – we usually reply within a few hours (unlike other platforms where you could wait days for the response).

When will Bitcoin Confidential staking be available on your platform?

BC will be available at StackOfStake within the next week (27th July – 2nd August).

SmartCash has two ways to earn passive income for users: SmartNodes and SmartRewards. In the new 1.3 Phoenix Release, SmartRewards will be significantly changed and 60% of the block reward will be allocated to this feature. Tell us about how users will be able to receive rewards and how it will work in the case of SmartCash?

All you need to do to start receiving rewards at StackOfStake is just to make a deposit. And our task is to provide you the best possible rewards. We will balance SMART in the pool between SmartRewards and SmartNodes to find the best equilibrium for the best return of your investments.

What steps does a user need to follow to start receiving passive income on StackOfStake platform? Are there any fees?

There are only three steps to start receiving a passive income at our platform – SignUp in a few clicks, Deposit SMART, enjoy rewards 🙂 We are offering an exclusive 0% fee for SMART staking within the next two weeks. Then, the rewards fee will be changed to the default 8%. Deposits and withdrawals are fee-free forever.

Is it safe to use StackOfStake platform?

User funds security is our main priority – any staking (or any custodial) platform can say it. But unlike many other platforms, StackOfStake is operating without any single security accident since it’s launch. We are using the high-grade security techniques and software on the backend (see the team experience in Q1). For users, we can offer the regular 2FA with OTP, and even 2FA (login to StackOfStake with your Ledger or any other hardware authentication key).

How users can withdraw coins from the platform? Are there any fees for it?

StackOfStake allows you to withdraw coins without any lock or delay. Just click “Withdraw” at the dashboard, and receive coins within 5-10 min. We are not charging any platform fee for withdrawals, but you need to pay a small network fee to proceed your transaction.