At the end of April, the SmartCash team started migrating the Web Wallet servers to the new decentralized SmartHub platform. The SmartHub platform will allow each user to have full control over their funds and access them at any time, unlike the centralized version today, which required maintenance and regular technical work, as well as the cost for expensive servers.

The new SmartHub wallets will roll out with ability to login without typing a long password or completing a captcha. Private keys are stored locally and they use servers that access the SAPI function of the 1.3 version node clients. This makes them very fast and secure.

The main page of the Web Wallet at the moment looks as follows:

After May 30, the database for user accounts will be offline and not accessible. We kindly ask you to move your funds out of the Web Wallet. That includes the old Android and iOS, which login with the same username and password.

If there are any problems like lost password, incorrect balance or have an issue with 2FA please contact us and they will be put in a queue and fixed ASAP. Please use correct a working email and phone number. They will be used for account recovery.

Follow the tutorial to export and transfer your keys:

Visit and press  “Export your private key from the old web wallet” button and enter your username, password, and a valid e-mail address (also 2FA code if you activated this protection or leave blank if it wasn’t used).

Please pay attention to the instructions that you will see on the main page!

You should transfer your funds to another wallet like Node-Client, Electrum Wallet, Coinomi, Atomic Wallet, and others. Personally, I prefer to use Electrum or Coinomi as these are the two most easy and convenient wallets to use. Electrum is an excellent choice among desktop wallets, while Coinomi is the leader among mobile crypto wallets.

We recommend you withdraw to a new address. Be sure to remove the .001 fee from the amount. If you need to import a private key, use the sweep feature that moves funds to a new address. Otherwise, import the private key and then send all funds to a new address inside your wallet so all backups will recover funds correctly.

If you have any issues or questions, please let us know at Discord or Telegram and the developers will help to solve your problem!