4K’s of SmartCash. An in-depth analysis of What, Where, How and Why?


In such turbulent time when every aspect of the global economy has been sledgehammered by chaos and its children. It is really hard for any individual and institution to look beyond all the noise in the market and understand the silence beneath. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt is dominating over all of the human emotions and that is why it is more important than ever to hear and interpret silence, because action speaks louder than words. It is a feeling that cannot be described in words knowing that your work & contribution is going to change the world for better, knowing that your silence is not your weakness, knowing that you have the capability of looking beyond all the noise & chaos.

SmartCash is a community driven crypto-currency which is been build upon the contribution from various community members like you and me from all across the globe. No big institution or Bank is been involved who only cares about their own profit. Other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, reward only the miners whereas SmartCash gives importance to other actors as well that play an active role in maintaining, developing and promoting the project, SmartCash is a crypto where community and development comes first.

SmartCash has developed many unique features that sets it apart from rest of the cryptocurrencies. Traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have a long transaction confirmation time and SmartCash is better as means of payment  InstantPay provides a quality merchant experience and having Instant Transactions in today’s time is a must. SmartCash also has a Voting Platform where all SmartCash holders can vote on projects to be funded from the community hive budget. SmartCash also has a feature called SmartCard which is a blockchain-based solution that aims to improve on the digital payment card model. You don’t need a phone to hold your SMART. Only the merchant needs the internet connection.

I would like to tell you that SmartCash team is been working hard daily to expand their offerings from new mobile wallets to exchanges and community frameworks. The entire foundation of SmartCash is based upon community adoption, growth and inclusion where everyone is a SmartCash team member. The  community is made up of people like you and me, the more we will connect with SmartCash the farthest it will go.

Last but not the least, do not forget to check out an interesting analysis of 4K’s of SmartCash in the video linked with this post. 4K’s represents What (Kya), Why (Kyu), Where(Kahaan) and How (Kitna/Kaise) in regional Indian language.