In January 2020, the SmartCash team announced the release of a new feature that is designed to significantly change the system of payments between SmartCash and third parties / companies. This function is called Time Locked Payments. The main point of this function is that the user cannot spend / transfer funds from a certain address for a certain period of time.This period may vary from six months or more, which provides a guarantee for the effective use of the funds, especially with concerns of large amounts and the extension of cooperation within a certain period of time.

Adam Kokesh, a Libertarian presidential candidate, has become one of the well-known persons who decided to accept Time Locked Payments.

Adam Kokesh has known about the SmartCash project for a long time. We would like to suggest you to remember one of the interviews with SmartCash team member Zaphoid and Adam Kokesh:

Besides the obvious advantages in this model of payments, it also demonstrates solidarity and support for the project. It is also an important advantage. Thus, the guarantees that the funds will be kept at a special address for some time provide more opportunities for the development of third-party relationships.

This feature will have much more potential in the future with larger projects to encourage cooperation. Companies and users can be sure that their efforts will be rewarded.  SmartCash can be assured that companies will complete projects successfully and effectively.