Imagine that it’s already February 14 and you want to make an unusual gift. What about cryptocurrency? Have you ever gifted anyone cryptocurrency for Valentine’s Day before? It will definitely be more unusual than chocolate in the form of a heart!

I love crypto with all my heart, so I decided to share a few ideas with you about how to do some pretty cool things!

Send SmartCash by SMS or E-mail

So, I know somebody’s phone number or e-mail. All I need to do is open Smartext service by this link and send the desired amount of SMART. In the message you can add any smiley face or hearts and everything you think up!

The recipient should just follow the link and accept the coins! Instantly and just nicely!

Explain how to use mobile wallets

I’m sure it’s the kind of help that many people don’t ask for, but would like to know what cryptocurrency wallets are and how to use them. Coinomi wallet is the best option for a start and afterwards too, it’s a multicurrency wallet with a high level of reliability. All you need to do is write down a 12-word seed phrase and save it in a safe place so you can access your wallet at any time. So, you can advise to download one of the most user-friendly mobile wallets and send a little amount of SMART as a nice addition, explaining how transactions work! Sounds interesting! By the way, you can also try other wallets where SmartCash is available, for example, Edge Wallet, Atomic or Pungo Wallet.

What else?

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