1. Bitcoin Confidential was launched on April 26, 2019 as a fully fungible cryptocurrency. The purpose of this project is to provide a new level of privacy (from the first block) for each user.

2. BC is a POS coin. That means new coins aren’t generated through mining. The point of POS is that users are rewarded according to the amount of their coins in the wallet. Thus, any user can receive rewards!

3. There are two types of staking available – cold and hot. The advantage of cold staking is that the user can set up a remote server and not keep the wallet open on the computer. It is also more safe. The reward for cold and hot staking is the same. Also, it should be noted that the cold staking function is unique.

4. The majority of coins (7.36 billion out of 9.6) is an airdrop for SmartCash users. Bitcoin Confidential is a SmartCash`s sister project, so all users who had SmartCash on the date of the snapshot (December 15, 2018) can get BC coins (1 SMART = 10 BC).

5. Bitcoin Confidential uses RingCT technology to hide balances and addresses from third parties, so users can be sure of its privacy. Besides, the coin is built on Bitcoin code, which makes it easy to integrate for various third-party services.

6. Bitcoin Confidential Core Wallet has been designed so even beginners can easily start the staking and use various functions. Besides, the interface of the wallet is nice to the eye.

7. Now the project actively develops and implementing new functions. At the moment the project team is working on the following tasks:

8. As well as privacy, Bitcoin Confidential also focuses on usability and adoption, so currently work is underway on social media tip bots (Discord, Twitter, Telegram) to give users the ability to send coins to each other.

9. Bitcoin Confidential is open to various contributions and new people, as a true open source project. You can find out more details about it here, as well as participate in the contest for the best article!

10. Unlike many other privacy coins, BC has important advantages over others: