1. SmartCash has a decentralized team around the world

The team doesn’t have a central office. Many members of the team live in different countries of the world, for example, Brazil, Ukraine, Mexico, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, Vietnam, Greece, UK, and the USA. Moreover, any useful member can join the project and help it on a permanent basis.

2. Unique features

Features like sending crypto on Discord, Twitter, Twitch, and via email and text are really amazing. It’s a quick and easy way to send a cryptocurrency to anyone. In the Web Wallet, users can find the function of Scheduled Payments (very convenient for memberships or subscriptions), ATM Vouchers (to exchange SmartCash into fiat in just a couple of minutes) and other functions.

3. Instant transactions

Instant transactions are almost a must in today’s world. No waiting and no double spend risk because every transaction can be done via SmartCash’s InstantPay technology.

4. Voting

SmartCash users has a voice from the first day. 1 SMART = 1 Vote. Community members can create proposals and vote for other projects on a special platform.

5. SmartRewards

Rewarding long-term holders. SmartCash rewards not only miners, but also holders. This encourages a stable price and the new requirement for voting will encourage voting participation. You can learn more about the new changes here.

6. Easy to use tools

SmartCash is aimed not only at users, but also at merchants. SmartCash has a point of sale application for merchants and a special website for registering your business. And users can make payments with a SmartCard without having to use a phone.