Recently, the Bitcoin Confidential team has had several notable changes: a new role of “Member of the BCteam” was added at Discord for valuable contributors to the project development. For example, support on Discord, search for new exchanges, writing articles and creating a video about the project. The status of these community members is highlighted in yellow and you can easily recognize them on the Discord.


The great thing about this update is that you can achieve this status and your nickname will be highlighted in a special color. Bitcoin Confidential is rewarding active community members and appreciates their efforts. Invite your friends and tell them that they can be part of the team (by the way, even inviting friends is a contribution that can make you a valuable member). Perhaps you are good enough to be involved in the development or promotion? Then you can easily prove it and be on a wave with the rest of the team.

Also recently it was announced that Bitcoin Confidential will have Tipping Bots for Discord, Telegram and Twitter. This will make it easier for all users to interact with each other, send and receive coins, view the balance and such on. SmartCash community already have this experience – they can use crypto freely on social networks, thus increasing the usage of cryptocurrencies several times!

Besides, there will soon be an event in Acapulco, Mexico. Both SmartCash & Bitcoin Confidential will be promoted side-by-side at this event. Attendees will be able to learn about the unique features of both coins and get answers to any questions!

And now something surprising!

We’ve decided to do a contest for the best article on Bitcoin Confidential. There will be only three winners and they will be announced on January 31st, 2019 (you can write an article till January 24).

Here are some rules for the contest:

  • This should be a quality article. Without errors or inaccuracies. Please post the article on Discord for internal review and corrections before the publication.
  • The article should be published once reviewed on Steemit or Medium. You should also share the article on Discord or Twitter.
  • Any entries must be tagged with #BitcoinConfidential #Privacy hashtags.
  • The article should contain information about Bitcoin Confidential. This could be an article about functions, a general article, a comparison, and so on.
  • The article should contain a link to the Bitcoin Confidential official website.
  • Add a link to this post at the end of the article.

Each winner will get 100 000 BC. Good luck to all participants!