Two weeks ago, the SmartCash team took part in a crypto event in Brazil. This event was attended by many well-known representatives of the crypto industry.

This event was focused on usability and investment. The SmartCash team took part in the opening of the event, showing the audience the ease of use of payment methods using blockchain technology. It also talked about how anyone in Brazil can use SmartBand (bracelet with NFC chip) to pay for purchases in real life and how any merchant can easily start to accept payments in SmartCash.

During the presentations, a parallel was drawn between SmartСash and banks, demonstrating how banks are agents of corruption and money laundering, as well as the fact that cryptocurrencies are a completely different thing. Participants were very interested in this topic.

Attendees also asked interesting questions, and speakers explained in detail how cryptocurrencies function and how they can be used in everyday life.

Team members called the event a great opportunity to tell new people about cryptocurrencies and SmartCash in particular!

Check out some videos about this event: