A new listing was announced this week for both SmartCash (SMART) and Bitcoin Confidential (BC) projects – both coins were added on Parsxc.com exchange.

Available trading pairs for both coins: BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC

Minimum number of confirmations: 3

Fee for withdrawal: 1 SMART / 1 BC

Pars is an international Iranian user to user cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange has a large potential audience (about 90 Million population country) and aims to become widely known, improving its services and adding new interesting cryptocurrencies, thus increasing the interest of users in the exchange.

With the new listing on the exchange, we decided to take a short interview with the team of the exchange to introduce our users to this platform.

  • Hi. Why did you decide to launch your own exchange? What is the situation with cryptocurrency exchanges in Iran?

Hi, first of all, I would say Thanks for your interest in our Project.

Our Team (ParsiChain) is the Iranian Leading CryptoCurrency Team, our work begins with the ParsiCoin (PARS) a Privacy coin based on Cryptonote Technology, as you or your readers may know there is a lack of financial and Users Data Privacy in Iran and we made a safe place for their trades, not only PARS but the other Cryptocurrencies, in Iran Users have to Buy their Assets from Crypto Exchanges Directly and they will charge them a really high fee (5-10%!) and it will also compromise their Freedom of choice and Privacy.

  • What are your plans for the near future?

Our priority is to Upgrade our current Services, Fixing Bugs and adding more interesting Projects to our Exchange and of course enabling some features using our strong API like the Crypto trackers and other automated services Bots/Desktop/Mobile Apps, we are also working on it’s look and feel, as for advertisements and promotions our focus is not only Iran but the Globe, we are making partnerships and connections with other reliable Projects.

  • What makes your exchange stand out from the others?

We are working to deliver a Fast and Secure Crypto Exchange to our Users, This is a very hard competition, we had some big exchanges which are centralizing the crypto Trading it’s really hard to keep up, we are always trying to be fair, for example we had a really low Withdraw Fee compared to other Exchanges. But in Iran it’s a completely different story, we had a very low Trading/withdraw Fee and a Variety of different projects/coins to choose from compared to other Exchanges.

  • What advice would you give to your users? Maybe some financial / security recommendations

As for the Security we are patching and updating our servers regularly, we are making database/wallet backups every minute, we had strong firewall rules on our main and nodes servers, we had cold storages and we wouldn’t keep all users Assets on our Servers and we advise our users to only signup/login from a safe device and network, using a public device at work or a public free wifi on a restaurant aren’t the safest choices, we had Google 2Fa it’s hardly recommended to Enable that feature and keeping the phone safe, they should logout when they are going to leave their desk, they should not click on suspicious links on emails or social media, KYC is not mandatory on our Exchange but it’s always recommended to do it.

Best Regards, ParsiChain Team.


So, Iran has all chances to become a big player in the crypto market. As a result of this listing, both coins will enter a new market and become available for purchase among a new customer base. We are grateful to the ParsiChain Team for an excellent interview!