Now, in 2019, almost every crypto project is open to new ideas. This is really important. New ideas and thoughts help to look at things from a different perspective. If you like being able to just watch the development of your favorite cryptocurrency, now you can be a part of it, be involved in the process of discussing future steps – it can be really interesting.

Development, support, marketing – there are many areas where a team must effectively and continuously make efforts. This is a work that is always there and should be visible not only to the community of the project, but also to other people. Especially if it is unique. Bitcoin Confidential is a sister project of SmartCash focused on ensuring complete privacy for users. Privacy and fast transactions. Easy-to-use wallet and rewards for Staking. Unique features and volunteers that help to develop the project.

Bitcoin Confidential indeed has unique features like ColdStaking (you can get rewards for holding coins while your wallet is closed) and sending messages with the transaction over the BC network. Bitcoin Confidential in many ways different from most other coins focused on anonymity and privacy. Firstly, BC embodies fully private transactions from the first block, which means that all transactions between addresses are protected from third parties. Second, Bitcoin Confidential has a fully fungible blockchain that is designed to make it easy to integrate with third-party applications and extend the functionality of the coin.

Therefore, it is especially important that each new user can know about it and get answers to questions, such as watching a video about how to launch a wallet and more.

That’s why Bitcoin Confidential is open to new people who can contribute to the project. In a variety of fields – from marketing to development, from tweets to articles. Of course, every contribution should be rewarded, so users who are active will be rewarded depending on their activity / efforts.

For this purpose, there will be created a topic #volunteer_work on Discord, where users could share what they did and get coins as a reward. You will be able to tell about yourself and your work to other users who will appreciate your contribution.

In addition, if your efforts are ongoing, you will be able to join the project team and work together on a common goal.

Leave your feedback and suggestions in the Bitcoin Confidential Discord Group, you can join by following this link: