The Electrum wallet update version 4.0.1 for SmartCash has been released.

It’s available on Mac, Linux and Windows. Despite not being new to SmartCash I am new to this wallet so I installed it for the first time on this Ubuntu machine I’ve been using for the last 8 months or so. I had 2 SmartNodes at one point using this Wallet, but my partner had set that up on his computer so I actually didn’t interface much with the wallet application.

I followed the directions on the Github page that has copy and paste commands for making this happen. Anyone with a basic understanding of the Ubuntu Terminal can make this happen. I have no experience installing on Mac or Windows but I would imagine the process to be easier on those machines. I prefer the challenge and transparency Ubuntu offers.


Once Installed its a fairly simple but effective GUI. It will prompt you to make a wallet or to open one.

There’s also an option for multi signature wallets, which I’ll share some screenshots of how that works below.

You can recover wallets you hold the seed for here or simply create a new one.

There are a lot of important features of this wallet to point out, like the SmartNodes tab.

Here you can go through the process of starting a SmartNode once you have the required 100,000 SmartCash.

For those that don’t understand, having a SmartNode running on your computer helps you help the SmartCash network while helping yourself too.

The SmartNodes incentive program is different from the SmartRewards rewards incentive program so the amount made is different. For the many who have had questions on how to setup a SmartNode or view the status, it’s all in plain sight on the SmartNodes tab.

You can vote from the wallet using the SmartVote tab. Here you will see proposals open and use your SmartCash power to vote on what you think will help advance the community the most!

The SmartRewards puts all everything in plain sight in an easy to understand manner. Here you can see stats like when the round ends, what the current reward is as well as an estimation on your reward for the SmartCash held! Before there were a lot of questions in support on SmartRewards, when the cycle ends and how much you’d get, now it’s all easy to access on the SmartRewards tab.

The News Tab is a new feature that allows you to keep up to date on all SmartCash announcements!

The Electrum wallet is compatible to work with the Trezor wallet which is the most secure way to save your SmartCash because it has to be plugged in for you to send SmartCash from it.

And like with every other wallet there are tabs for sending and receiving, easy to navigate to make moving around SmartCash as easy as possible!

For those who use Windows, there’s a portable version that is ideal for using on public machines because it runs without an installer, making it a bit easier to use on the go.

If you haven’t experimented with this wallet I highly recommend it as it is pretty much the most secure means to hold your SmartCash. You have the most control over funds held in this wallet compared to any web wallet. Make sure to save your seed properly backed up in multiple places and you can rest assured your coin is safe!