Next week, on November 12, 2019, in São Bento will be held a large-scale crypto event, which will be attended by ATAR, SmartCash, Kamoney and other representatives of the cryptocurrency industry.

At this event, attendees will learn how to buy, sell or exchange Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We will also have an interesting discussion on why Bitcoin is a revolutionary thing for the current financial system. Speakers will talk about ways to use cryptocurrencies, including SmartCash, to pay for everyday needs (e.g. utilities in Brazil, etc).

Also, people will be able to pay for food in cryptocurrency right at the event at the Wilk Cafeteria.

The SmartCash team will be represented at the event by João Gabriel Correa, a member of the Outreach 2 Team, who will make a presentation on the topic “Life without banks”.

The schedule of presentations:

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