An event that brings together business, innovation, and technology – ENIT has established itself as a major and important exhibition dedicated to products, services, innovations and technologies for industry in southern Brazil. Last year the exhibition was visited by more than 4000 attendees and 70 companies-participants. This year the exhibition is becoming even more popular – about 6000 attendees and 80 companies-participants.

This year the SmartCash team took part in this event. The event continued for three days – from 15 to 17 October. Team members told the audience what a SmartCash is and how people can use the cryptocurrency in their daily lives. Attendees also learned how to pay for things in Brazil with SmartBand bracelet.

Interesting fact: With SmartBand in Brazil, you can pay in SmartCash at 2.5 million places (85 % of retailers).

João Gabriel Correa, a member of the SmartCash team in Brazil, said:

“It was an interesting event. I was glad to tell people about the difference between altcoins and Bitcoin and the advantages of SmartCash. This exhibition is an important step towards new partnerships and the development of different relationships.”