SmartCash has been gaining worldwide adoption because of the ease of use with features like the paper wallet and the ability to send Smart via email or SMS. Did you know that Bitcoin Avenue in Caen, France sells paper wallets loaded with SmartCash that you can load with your bank card?

There’s a video that explains how to do it in French, thankfully with English subtitles. The process is simple but sadly requires identification making it a process that includes KYC stuff. It all starts by showing your ID to be verified. Once that happens you can just use your bank card to buy SmartCash right there and walk away with it on a secure paper wallet!

This does take a bit of the fun out of person to person transactions when you consider the identification but it does present how SmartCash use could be adapted worldwide to appease both the people and to work with the government. You also receive a receipt with your SmartCash, something that isn’t really that common as far as person to person transactions are concerned. Good for your records!

This is just one example of the unique merchant approach that SmartCash has taken with it’s focus on merchants, specifically brick and mortar merchants. While online shopping has become more popular worldwide it’s easy to assume that most people are spending their money through in person transactions like at markets and stores. If we get everyone in the world with markets and stores accepting SmartCash the need for government currency becomes nothing as SmartCash is both fast and secure.

It’s about the bigger picture with SmartCash, sure we want all the online merchants we can come in contact with accepting Smart but it’s about getting regular people involved too and regular people primarily shop in person with some exceptions. Features like Send Smart via Email and the Paper wallets make it so even your Grandma can get involved without much hassle.

Looking for a place to spend your SmartCash? Check out our list of merchants here! If you don’t see enough near you, consider doing outreach to get them to accept it! I know I’ve been working on both my butcher and my landlord here, which those two places are where I spend most of my monthly money. If I can get them to accept SmartCash I can effectively live directly off of it here in Mexico! The idea is to get creative people!