As we know for a long time, the SmartCash project team is actively working on version 1.3 for the Core SmartCash Wallet. This version is now in the final stages of preparation and is undergoing thorough testing. If you look at the GitHub statistics page here, you will see that various improvements and fixes are added almost every day. So, the whole team is focused on releasing a new version of the wallet. The exact release dates have not yet been set and will be known a little later, but every SmartCash user should already know what important changes this version will bring to the SmartCash ecosystem.

SmartRewards Changes

One of the most important changes will be improvements in SmartRewards payment structure. These changes will affect all users, so it is important to know about them now:

  1. SmartRewards cycle will be extended to 90 days (from 47500 blocks to 142500 blocks).
  2. Any user who wants to receive SmartRewards must vote for at least one proposal on the SmartHive Voting platform once every 90 days. This requirement together with the extension of the cycle will reward long-term holders.
  3. SmartRewards database improvements for fast sync.
  4. SmartNodes addresses will no longer receive SmartRewards payments. This will allow to focus more on the concept of SmartRewards and separate these two systems from each other.


The Smart Application Programming Interface (SAPI) will allow litewallets and applications to get information from the blockchain without using an explorer.

Atomic Swaps

Atomic Swap base code added to enable Atomic Swaps on a future release.

SmartCash Address Format Change

New address format added to meet Bitcoin address hash standard. We are revising the encoding for addresses to have better compatibility with 3rd party wallets.

New Fee Structure For Proposals

Proposals that fail can submit with lower amount and get the fee refunded.

The version will also improve the synchronization of wallets and some other things so that users don’t have trouble loading the entire blockchain.

Take a look at the graphics below and share it so other users can learn more about important changes in the new version.

With these changes, SmartCash is putting more emphasis on community participation, improving and adding new features, opening the door to new integrations. SmartCash continues to be actively moving towards more decentralization and worldwide use.