A little more than two months have passed since the release of Bitcoin Confidential, a coin that puts privacy and security in the first place for every person. To achieve this, Bitcoin Confidential is using the latest technology from the blockchain world to help transactions be invisible from the public eye and to help recipients and senders not worry that they can be identified in any way.

So, for two months from the moment of release, there were some noticeable changes. Let’s review the most significant changes, further development plans, and others.


Bitcoin Confidential has been added to new exchanges, including SafeCoin, CryptoBridge, EXC Cripto, and STEX. The most popular trading pairs are BC/BTC and BC/SMART.

Bitcoin Confidential has also been added for tracking on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, so you can easily find out the list of exchanges, traded pairs and just get the latest announcements by opening the social media feeds.


Currently, the latest version of the wallet is 1.0.2. Anyone who has an older version of the wallet, or if your wallet was created without a mnemonic phrase, is recommended to follow the steps to upgrade to the new version. You can learn more about it here.

The latest version of the wallet includes changes such as QT wallet shows reward frequency estimates for hotstaking and coldstaking on Status tab, disabled automatic wallet creation (users will now get a prompt to create/import a mnemonic instead), added transaction statistics and others.


The Bitcoin Confidential team continues to work on new features, including some of the most expected – Mobile wallets, Bulletproofs and Lite wallets.

Check out the roadmap for the near future:

Want to help and make a contribution?

If you feel that you can help the project in its development or have new ideas, let us know on the official Discord channel. We will be glad to hear your thoughts and discuss them with you.

The Bitcoin Confidential team is looking for new people to continue working actively on various tasks, so if you have experience in development, testing or other areas, please let us know!