Finally after much resistance and much waiting on the behalf of cryptocurrency enthusiasts the price of Bitcoin has risen once again above 10,000 USD which is a huge deal when approaching what we hope will be a bull market again.

Bitcoin began its slow and steady climb back upwards in the early part of this year and has been steadily ticking up towards where it now lies which is actually around 11,000 dollars today. In the past when prices hiked up for Bitcoin, the altcoins would follow.

The nice thing about a bear market is that it allows a shakeout of the altcoins. Only those with real utility and value hold on during the downward price hike. It is those with the real use value, like SmartCash, that will rise along with Bitcoin again as it climbs to new highs.

The last time we had $10,000 bitcoin it was in May of 2018 so it’s been quite awhile. Historically when BTC starts these sorts of climbs it is known for hitting all new time highs. With our last all time high being about $20,000 who knows where we will hit this time.

Now that Bitcoin broke through the psychological barrier of $10,000, are we about to break the all time high of $20,000? Who knows where the ceiling will be this time, time to get involved now if you haven’t!