A cryptocurrency themed Augmented Reality game called Crypto Hunters has been released for beta and SmartCash is on the list of currencies involved with the project! Created by SWYFT with the intent of helping to educate the users about the digital assets they find in the game.

Think Pokemon Go for cryptocurrency enthusiasts with an emphasis on education, they boast over 20 coins, and include non-masternode coins like BTC and Litecoin. Currently there’s only a version released for the Apple Store but the android version is soon to follow.

The intent is to “turn players into investors” by giving them know how into the masternode world, cryptocurrency in general. It uses videos and little advertisements to explain things like: differences between masternodes and mining, wallet setup, VPS setup, Community Engagement Tools, Github Links, and more.

The cool thing is you basically go around in the real world collecting real world monetary assets while getting direct access to resources to learn more. You can withdraw the crypto from the app once a month only with the withdraw feature making this a fun way to earn some cryptocurrency while learning about projects you might now know very much about!

How to Get Involved?

Download the APP for free for now only from Apple Store with Android Support coming soon and make an account. When you login, the app will drop treasures within a 3 mile radius. Travel and find it and when you stand 10 meters in front of it, use your camera to capture the treasure using the Crypto Hunter App and collect the coin!

Android users, STAY TUNED!

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