The mark of a good cryptocurrency is usability and its ability to be adapted to any need. It’s not just enough to be a store of value, people crave something they can use as a currency alternative. SmartCash is a great solution because it offers a little something for everyone who wants to get involved be they savers, spenders or both.

Getting involved in the SmartCash community is easy because it thrives on decentralization. The structure of things is set up to incentivize people to do more than just get involved by hodling some coin, although it definitely gives you good reason to do that.

The best place to start is social media, SmartCash can be found everywhere from Discord to Telegram to Reddit. Get involved in the discussion, ask questions and find the best way for you to get involved with the community. If you like what you see and want to help SmartCash gain more worldwide adoption, consider coming up with and submitting a proposal to the voting portal to be voted on!

If you’re simply looking for a way to store money with the chance of it exponentially increasing in value while for sure earning money for holding, consider SmartRewards! You just need a minimum of 1000 Smart in an eligible address for about a month before you start reaping benefits, just remember that month starts over if you send any transactions from that address!

For those a little more serious, consider a SmartNode which not only is a great way to earn money off your savings but is also an excellent way to support the network by helping to allow services like InstantPay and SmartRewards by running servers for SmartCash. Its easy to set one up, all you need is the SmartCash and a little know how.

For those looking for a cryptocurrency that can easily be used as currency, SmartCash has you covered. It’s focused on merchant adoption and is building a worldwide network of merchants. In Brazil, 85% of retailers now accept SmartCash through various means, providing a snapshot for worldwide merchant adoption.

The InstantPay feature makes it so SmartCash has those signature instantaneous transactions which make it better than bitcoin for everyday use. No one want’s to sit at their cash register for 10-30 minutes for a Bitcoin transaction to go through. SmartCash is just better for merchants and it proves that on a daily basis!

The SmartCard and SmartBand are perfect point of sale solutions that are fast, easy and fun to use. These tools are geared towards providing as many options as possible for both the business and the consumer.

There’s something for everyone at SmartCash and these are just some of the features that prove that.