One of the things that I’ve always appreciated about SmartCash is all the little features that incentivize people to not just use but also hold SmartCash. The value of these things comes from those who hold stake in it and the best way to get people interested in holding stake is to reward them for doing so.

SmartCash has big and small ways to do this. The small way is via SmartRewards which is basically a program that rewards all eligible addresses who hold more than 1000 SMART for a certain period of time, about a month. For those looking to get a little more serious and be more involved, there’s SmartNodes.

Put simply SmartNodes are servers that run the SmartCash wallet and help make decisions in the network. It enables features like InstantPay and SmartRewards, which keeps SmartCash working as people expect it to. SmartCash literally would not be the same without SmartNodes and its easier than you might expect to set one up. It’s also cheap right now as prices are low but getting ready to start the climb upward.

So what does it take to host a SmartNode? 100,000 SmartCash, A Computer, VPS Server (with at least 2 g RAM, 20g drive, 1 Static IPV4 Address), Time and the Setup Guide.

Arguably the hardest part is acquiring 100,000 SMART, as it’s not yet as easy to get as say Bitcoin or even Bitcoin Cash. At current prices 100,000 SMART is about 900 USD. Once prices are reach SmartCash’s trading high of about 1 USD per SMART that becomes 100,000 USD. Even at a price of 50 cents a SMART that’s 50,000 dollars. Putting it simply, SmartNodes are on sale people, get them while they’re super cheap!

It’s not only a way to store your money but a means to make money. SmartCash is gaining in adoption all over the world but especially in places like Brazil where 85% of retailers accept it. It has unique features like sending Smart via SMS or email that make it accessible to virtually everyone. It also has a strong community of people behind it looking to help the average person free their money.

So as the bull market returns as it seems like it likely will soon, consider setting up a SmartNode. It’s easy to do and could be more rewarding than you realize! And you will be helping the SmartCash network remain fast and efficient at the same time, literally helping to power the money counterculture!