Bitcoin Confidential is a new untraceable digital cash. Part of the overall supply (about 7.4 billion out of 9.6 billion) is distributed by airdrop to SmartCash (SMART) holders. The Bitcoin Confidential mainnet was launched on April 26th, and now users can not only get coins in their wallets, but also exchange coins or buy more on exchanges.

The first exchange that added Bitcoin Confidential to its listing. The following trading pairs are available: BC/BTC, BC/SAFE and BC/SMART.

Earlier, it was also announced that Bitcoin Confidential is now available on Delta and Blockfolio apps, so users now have a convenient tool to track the exchange rate.

In addition, users already have the ability to track the exchange rate on GoinGecko.

Upcoming listings

Bitcoin Confidential will soon be available for trading on the following exchanges:

CryptoBridge (added;trading pair: BC / BTC)

BleuTrade (added;trading pair: BC / BTC)

EXC Cripto (added;trading pair: BC / BTC)

Stay tuned for updates and announcements in the official Bitcoin Confidential Twitter account and on the Discord server!