The power of the community

In almost every project, whether it is related to cryptocurrencies or any other, the community often plays a crucial role in the development and growth of the project. Actually, decentralization is an important part of successful development for small and large projects.

The contribution of each person is an important part of the overall development – new ideas, thoughts, and proposals create a unique ecosystem of the community.


If you are a new user or know about a coin for a long period of time, you probably would like to learn more about the project from the team members involved in the project. You can come to the meeting to find out interesting information or ask how to use “Send SMART by email / mobile phone number” function or how to pay for your purchases using SmartCash, as well as future project plans. This kind of informal communication allows you to get to know the different sides of the project better.

The SmartCash team held successful meetings in various countries around the world, including Canada, USA, Ukraine, Japan, Brazil and soon Russia!

One of the most interesting things is that you can hold your own meeting in your city. You just need to set up a group at, schedule a meeting and print out suitable materials that you can find on the official website!

Upcoming meetups

The next scheduled meetings will be held in the USA: Mount Orab, Ohio. If you live nearby, you can join the meeting.

Each user, group of people creates a unique movement. You can join the discussion, schedule a meeting or find ways to accept SmartCash in your area.