As interest for SmartCash and what it has to offer rises in Brazil, a new SmartCash site is born in Portuguese to cater to those there looking for more information! Think but for SmartCash fans in Brazil, or even those who have just heard about it and want to know more. It’s visually appealing, to the point and informative.


For those who can’t read Portuguese, Google Translate does a fairly good job and it’s honestly a beautiful website with a lot of good information on it. Even without the translate, it’s easy to understand much of it despite the language barrier because of the good design.

Think of it like the SmartCash hub for Brazil that gives information on everything from the SmartCard for personal use to how to use it as a Merchant to purchasing. There’s a link for a WordPress Plugin download, link to webwallet basically everything you need to get involved as either a regular person or merchant in one place.


In terms of both use and community SmartCash has a lot to offer. By offering informative websites like this soon many people will come to understand what it has to offer just like they did with Bitcoin!