Can you tell us about yourself – who you are, how did you get into cryptocurrencies and SmartCash in particular?

I am Frans Aarts and live in the Netherlands. I am the legal and strategic advisor of several companies. One day, in 2016, my computer screen turned red, saying that all my files were encrypted. They asked me to pay 0.4 BTC to unlock the files. I was really angry, but in the end I bowed and paid the 0.4 BTC. I received the key to unlock my files immediately after sending the payment. I was stunned by how fast and easy it was. From that moment on I decided to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Tell us more about When did you decide to create this platform?

I ran into SmartCash in 2017. I got very enthusiastic about the concept and the ambitions of the team behind it. From the beginning, I saw the big wall between fiat money and crypto money. The wall keeps the masses away from crypto, there is only a small path connecting the two worlds, called fiat to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to fiat. Try to go in two directions and you are broke. There had to come a better path, fiat to SmartCash and SmartCash to fiat, smoother, nicer, much faster and at lower cost.

What is the main purpose of this platform?

So I decided to create a platform where people can buy and sell SmartCash. It should not be a path, it should become a gateway. And so was born.

What are the advantages of SmartPort for users? Tell us a bit about fees, the speed of the service and the advantage over other exchanges.

One goal was to create a path where it is cheaper to buy SmartCash and exchange it into BTC or other currencies than to buy BTC directly on other platforms. We are already there! The route (Eur-SMART-BTC) is cheaper than many other EUR to BTC routes. Now the fee is 5% for the buyer and 4% for the seller. We need those margins for improving our service and accelerating development.
At the moment all orders are processed manually, within a couple of hours. Now we are working on an instant payout of your order. Then seconds or minutes after we receive your payment, we transfer the SmartCash to your wallet.
Another aspect is that we don’t do any KYC on the buyers side at the moment. This is an advantage for the buyers, It makes buying SmartCash quick and easy. With this advantage comes the disadvantage that we can’t do large orders. People who want to buy large amounts just have to send an email. In a personal contact the identity will be verified.

You recently added PayPal as a payment method that will significantly expand your audience. Are you planning to add new payment methods in the near future?

We want world coverage. Anyone should be able to use our services. So we keep adding payment features to the portal.

How do you see the prospects for the adoption of cryptocurrency in Europe? In the Netherlands?

Blockchain technology will be leading in the payment industry. It is a matter of time that banks will start to use blockchain technology for clearing payments.
Dutch authorities are open to these kind of innovations. I don’t see a ban on crypto, but.. I foresee a system in which a coin has to meet certain quality standards before it is admitted to a certain market. Last year around this time there were 1400 coins. Now, one year later there are over 2000 coins. A lot of rubbish coins are vomited over the market. That is bad for adoption. To convince the masses and to reach mass adoption we need quality coins, with real development power behind it, like SmartCash.

SmartCash is especially popular in Latin America. There are already a few places in the Netherlands that accept payment in SmartCash. How do you see the further adoption of SmartCash in Europe?

SmartCash really stands out in the field. It is a technically superior coin. Ready for mass adoption, ready to be used in shops, restaurants etc. I think it is heavily underrated in the market. I am a big fan of SmartCash and will do whatever it can to promote SmartCash as a superior coin.

Do you have specific plans or ideas for developing your platform in the near future?

Yes! Integration in the SmartCash web wallet, add Bitcoin Confidential, instant delivery, adding more payment features and a fully automated module for the sellers of SmartCash. So if a merchant gets paid in SmartCash, he or she should be able to instantly convert it in Euro, Dollar or whatever other fiat coin. We are not there yet, but we are working on it.
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