Brazilian adoption of SmartCash as the cryptocurrency of choice just got a big leap ahead with the latest news from Yamcol Group. Yamcol Group operates 42 premium stores in Brazil, including the notable clothing and accessory brands Taco, Kattleya, Sketch Men’s Collection, Victor Hugo, Touch, and Euro. The decision to add SmartCash to all their stores to support cryptocurrency payments was based on the fast confirmation times, easy to use Android SmartPay App and convenient integrations with their own systems. Emerson Inagaki was recently interviewed on SmartTalk Radio in “Episode 10: Emerson Inagaki of Yamcol Group – Adding SmartCash Payments to their Stores“.

Yamcol Group Brands SmartCash

The ability to use SmartCash for everyday payments already had significant market reach through the use of the Atar Smartband, however that still relied on existing MasterCard networks to process the merchant transactions. With the switch to the Android SmartPay app, this completely avoids any additional processing fees from payment cards while still settling the payments to fiat directly through the SmartPay app integration with payments processor Kamoney. This also has added the locations to support the SmartCard payments which are fast and secure, without requiring an internet connection from the consumer.


The stores also will carry gift card versions of the SmartCard, allowing people who have never used SmartCash before to purchase a card and later add it to their Android app. With this process, it is easier than ever before for people to get started using cryptocurrency in an easy to use and simple way. In the interview, Inagaki also expressed how easy it was for staff to use the SmartPay app, emphasizing that having a streamlined system allowed the wide rollout to the entire suite of stores.

SmartCash has a focus on being easy to use crypto cash and this is the first widespread launch across more than three dozen stores to support SmartCash and SmartCard. Adoption by major, reputable brand stores such as Taco and Victor Hugo are showing the progress of partnerships, apps, and SmartCard in enabling SMART adoption in entrepreneurial countries such as Brazil.

Download this PDF of the Yamcol Group stores that now accept SmartCash.