On January 22nd, the TV news channel RT America published a segment on cashless society which mentioned SmartCash (SMART) as a better technical choice than bitcoin for fast crypto payments. RT America is based out of Washington, DC, and is a popular news outlet with more than 716,000 subscribers on YouTube in addition to being broadcast live on DirectTV, Dish Network, GlobeCast WorldTV. At the time of publication, the YouTube video has 23,000 views in only a few days.

This is the first time that SmartCash has been mentioned on a major mainstream TV news outlet, and is positive sign that the technical capabilities such as SmartCash InstantPay are becoming recognized as a viable option for payments that don’t rely on Visa, Mastercard, or banking systems. The reference in this major TV network is a notable milestone in terms of brand recognition, outreach, and the goal of worldwide usage. As SmartCash continues to be picked up by mainstream media, expect more mentions and references in the coming year. To learn more about SmartCash and the benefits of InstantPay, visit SmartCash.cc.

Additionally, a second video segment from RT America on January 23rd was featuring SmartCash as well: