SmartCash Radio Interviews IozetaIn episode five of SmartTalk Radio, Hosts Chris “Zaphoid” Karabats and Mark Hakkarinen interview guests Paul and Spencer Lambert, brothers and creators of the Iozeta CryptoCandy candy machine and best known for their live stream featuring ducks and chickens snacking on treats dispensed automatically from cryptocurrency transactions.

A range of topics are discussed, including their introduction to cryptocurrency, how they came about for an idea to create these crypto-enabled devices, what sparked the idea of a chicken livestream, and their plans to create a line of devices that can be used to upgrade existing vending machines to support cryptocurrency payments.

Feeding SmartCash Ducks

Above is a screenshot of the livestream with QR codes for payment addresses on the right. You can set up your own devices for a range of creative uses, such as creating self-service candy machines or turning on devices. Iozeta currently offers two devices on their shop: CryptoCandy and CryptoPower, which have integrated WiFi to monitor for cryptocurrency transactions in order to dispense contents from their hopper or activate a power switch. Currently Iozeta supports Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin, Dash, SmartCash, Ravencoin, and Twitch Bits. Notably, Bitcoin is not supported because the confirmations on the networks are too slow.

The two devices are available for purchase from located at and, with new models in the works.