Coingecko has published their annual report on crypto for the year 2018 on January 15th. This well-written and informative document weighs in at 83 pages and is packed full of graphs, data, and useful narratives. This year they also were assisted by other organizations to help write special sections. All in all, it’s a great read and definitely worth at least skimming over, or diving into a topic of your interest more closely. You can download the full PDF from CoinGecko here.

Here is a look at the areas of focus in this year’s report:

Table of Contents

  • Editor’s Notes
  • ICO Insights
  • Founder’s Notes
  • Market Dynamics
  • Crypto Exchanges
  • Bitcoin Cash Split
  • Decentralized Apps
  • Stablecoins
  • Non-fungible Tokens
  • Appendix

This report is well-edited, succinct, and full of interesting bits of information that become highlighted when presented this way as a full exploration of the year. For example, “stable coins” like Tether, have exploded in growth this last year. Typically meant to be pegged in value to another asset like USD, even these coins have seen a drop in value from their all time high of 24%, which raises questions about the role and effectiveness of stablecoins.

Crypto Market Prices 2018

Included in this report is an analysis section on masternode coins. There are a variety of approaches within this category, but the one thing in common is they incentivize the operation of full nodes which broadcast the blockchain across a network. Notably, SmartCash is the highest ranked “masternode” coin by market cap, coming in at #5 out of more than 500, that does not mention privacy as a goal. As fungible and private coins come into their own, it will be interesting to see the trends as coins such as Bitcoin Confidential are launched which focus on a particular niche, without adding in additional features such as masternode incentives.

There are numerous insights throughout the report, and it is highly recommended to look it over, if only to see what trends have emerged in the last twelve months in cryptocurrency.

For additional summaries of the report, check out the Coingecko blog post which includes more sections.