The platform was created at the end of 2018, but has already received considerable attention from both ordinary users and video bloggers/journalists.

What is it? is a platform on which you can watch live streams and support content creators through its PowerChat feature using cryptocurrency. This is a crypto alternative to the popular Patreon service, but the main difference is that BitBacker is a decentralized platform, and it charges significantly lower fees compared to Patreon. In addition, your account cannot be blocked or deleted, since freedom of speech and decentralization are the basic principles of this platform. Removal of users is an issue with Patreon lately, as several users have been removed from their platform.

The target audience and the reasons to use this platform

While BitBacker is quite new it can become a competitor to the well-known Patreon service because of its unique integration with cryptocurrencies. On the platform there are three supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and SmartCash.

If you are a content creator, you can easily register on the platform to get started. The next step is to specify the address for one of the cryptocurrencies (or all three addresses). That way you can receive donations from your subscribers to your crypto addresses. This is convenient and easier than looking for the address of the wallet in the description of the video on YouTube. In addition, you can add a message by thanking the content creator or asking a question in a “superchat” style interaction. Now many interesting content creators like Naomi Brockwell, Kenn Bosak, Vin Armani and others are joining the platform every day.

If you are a regular user and love to find interesting content, then this platform is an excellent solution. You can then directly connect and support your favorite video bloggers using crypto.

Freedom, decentralization and convenience are the basic design principles of BitBacker. Following this strategy, these principles can fill the platform with high-quality and independent content by directly supporting content creators. In turn, this can lead to wide popularity of the platform and be a valuable tool to help create a world where freedom of speech and creativity can flourish.

What do you think about this platform?